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BBLSS meetings are held as scheduled, for 2 hours in the private room of a Washington, DC gay-friendly restaurant or at a member’s private home. The venues and times change as necessary.



While our focus is on issues related to bisexuality and the black woman, we discuss EVERYTHING.  Meeting topics have included financial responsibility, "down low" wives, butch/femme roles, swinging, coming out, men, self-worth, motherless daughters, and how to flirt.  Topics are usually pre-determined, and members are encouraged to suggest topics for future discussion.



The focus of the support group is on the questioning and bisexual black woman. We welcome the insight and participation of bi-friendly black lesbians, however, as many of them are our most enthusiastic supporters and we all learn from each other!  At any given meeting you might find women of the following persuasions:

  • bisexual women and lesbians in monogamous relationships
  • lesbian-identified women in monogamous marriages with men
  • celibate bisexuals and lesbians
  • lesbians in polyamorous arrangements with other women
  • bisexual women in polyamorous arrangements with men and/or women
  • married, monogamous bisexual women who want to maintain political/social ties with the gay community
  • questioning or "bicurious" women
  • women who do not identify by label

Scope of the Support Group


This group provides support, encouragement, and acceptance, and we urge participants to be receptive to thoughtful commentary on what they share, and willingly examine themselves and their life choices without being defensive.  It is also vital that you reciprocate the support and encouragement you receive.  Although you may benefit from what other members share, it is beyond the scope of the group to render professional mental health advice.  Mental health issues should be individually pursued with a professional therapist.  Facilitators will provide references to therapists upon request or as necessary. We may, with the consent of the members, invite a female therapist to facilitate a meeting quarterly to provide coping tools.

The Facilitator


The facilitator's role is to keep the discussion focused, generate discussion, and maintain meeting objectivity by balancing and validating different points of view. It's also imperative that she be punctual, reliable, and informed about the chosen topic. In addition, the facilitator settles the bill at the end of the evening, and ensures that our group's good reputation is in tact with our serving establishment at the end of the meeting. Meetings may also be co-facilitated by two members, and facilitators (ideally) rotated each meeting to give all women an opportunity to get involved and invested in our mission.

How We Play


  • heavy flirtation and sexual overtures are not permitted at BBLSS meetings
  • abusive language towards BBLSS members is not permitted
  • meeting activities and discussions are confidential
  • those who accept an invitation to a meeting and fail to show without explanation may be removed from the group at the facilitator's discretion

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