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Pronounced *Bliss*


  • Explores sexuality issues within the context of the African American woman's experience.
  • Builds community and sisterhood as we become increasingly secure with our sexuality.
  • Provides uplifting and empowering peer support to other bisexual or questioning women who need to be heard in a respectful and confidential environment.

From Exclusion to Exclusivity!

  • Mainstream society frequently marginalizes, objectifies, and exploits black female sexuality, creating a social disconnect (real or perceived).
  • BBLSS provides one foundation on which bisexual black women reclaim and redefine our sexuality on OUR terms.

We talked.  We met.  Now we can't get enough!

  • BBLSS began in May of 2003 under another name as an online discussion forum. 
  • In 2004 BBLSS launched its support group meetings in the Washington, DC-metro area.
  • Members enjoy an active online discussion forum, monthly support group meetings every third Saturday of the month and female-oriented social activities.

We are everyone and everywhere!

  • The BBLSS membership is demographically diverse, and includes black women from all socio-economic and academic backgrounds. 
  • BBLSS members' sexual lifestyle choices run the gamut, from celibacy to monogamy to polyamory. 
  • Approximately 20% of our members identify as lesbian.
  • BBLSS maintains a roster of over 500 members from different areas of the world, with most members located on the United States’ East Coast.

Credits and Notices!

  • Logo:  BBLSS and Visual Motives.  The BBLSS logo is trademarked and under copyright.  All rights reserved.
  • Photographs:  Elle Photography. Subjects of her copyrighted work may be of any sexual orientation.  All rights reserved.


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