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What's On Your Mind?


The BBLSS discussion forum is open to all bi-friendly black women without regard to sexual orientation or geographical location, and all aspects of our lives are open for discussion. Topics include health, marriage, women, men, family, politics, racism, sex, religion, and womanism.  Express yourself!  We appreciate the unique perspectives of the many responsive, sincere, and passionate black women in the group. We invite intelligent, thoughtful discourse, especially, as we all learn from each other.

Conditions of Membership in the BBLSS Online Discussion Forum

  • You must actively participate to remain a member.  This means posting regularly and responding to other's posts.  We routinely purge inactive members.  Inactive members are permitted to remain on the BBLSS roster, mailing list, and support group meeting Evites, however, so that they will be aware of BBLSS activities.
  • Personal attacks are not permitted.  Violators are banned from the discussion board and BBLSS activities.
  • The posting of personal ads, sexual solicitations, and nude pictures is not permitted.  The purpose of the online group is to promote discussion and support, not your personal romantic/sexual agenda.  We are distinguished from the myriad of other bisexual groups whose primary focus is on finding a mate or sexual encounter.  Violators are banned from the discussion board and BBLSS activities.

  • We urge participants to be receptive to thoughtful commentary on what they share, and willingly examine themselves and their life choices without being defensive.  It is also vital that you reciprocate the support and encouragement you receive.

We invite everyone to participate at the BBLSS blog.




Although you may benefit from what other members share, it is beyond the scope of this group to render professional mental health advice.  Mental health issues should be individually pursued with a professional therapist.



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