Happy Bisexuality Day!

September 23, 2011

It should go without saying that I’m much more than my bisexuality. But since this is “our” day, I’m inspired to address a few frequently expressed misguided points. 1. “Miki, you’re such a lesbian. You and J have been together like, how long now?” *sigh* I’m a self-identified bisexual who is, as an associate...

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Sapphic Sighting: Queen Latifah

August 9, 2010
Sapphic Sighting:  Queen Latifah

Hanging with the recently-wed Alicia Keyes on a yacht off the coast of France, Queen Latifah and companion Jeanette Jenkins exchanged some public displays of affection (circa August 6, 2010). Of course, their association (and implied sexuality) is no BIG secret as the Queen’s been poking her head out of the closet for a...

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