Reason Rally 2012

April 4, 2012

Overall a great time with some pleasant surprises and promising new associations. The Reason Rally embodied everything I enjoy about Washington, DC. Being the pulse of the nation’s political heartbeat, it’s where everyone gathers to express her political conscious and conscience. I’m pleased to report that we thoroughly enjoyed the full experience, to include the following:

1. abandoned comfort zone to immerse self in crowds and rain for the good secular cause of rationality and critical thought

2. handled my one confrontation with a religious person without cursing

3. got friendly with other attendees including some Atheists in Foxholes, Jesus (who was very apologetic of his “99 Problems but This [Westboro] Bitch Ain’t One” sign, and the “Eat Pussy Like a Woman” poster carrier.

4. ran into old friends at the Greydon Square After Party we didn’t know were skeptics (!)

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