Lesson Five: Travel Consciously

December 31, 2014


Lesson Five: Travel Consciously

Make travel a priority, preferably before you’ve obligated yourself to a relationship or parenthood. Travel consciously, with a progressive mind, sans judgment, except to preserve yourself. Leave behind your preconceived notions and rigid devotion to dogma. If you find differences in others too objectionable to endure, stay your narrow-minded ass at home. But if you are looking to refine your perspective and live in a new type of moment, travel; internationally and away from this continent, ideally.

While you’re there, revel in being the foreign one, the different one. Flex your charm and figure out how to make some kind of authentic connection to the locals. Flirt in another language, another culture. They’re interested. Believe me. But mind the nuances and do your research before you go.

Adapt to unexpected events with dignity, tolerance, and unfailing politeness. This will make all the difference between a complimentary first class upgrade and the back of a very long line; between an invitation to an arts exposé cocktail party and a lonely night of room service. Enjoy the surprises: breakfast wine, 10PM sunsets, midnight theatre, sunny days in a usually gloomy climate, the unseasonably crisp chill that keeps the crowds at bay. Surprise yourself and try something new. You might find that you enjoy parasailing, cliff-climbing, and hot air balloon rides. I do.

Travel solo, with friends, and with a lover, to different countries and during different seasons so you will learn how the company you keep colors your experiences, all of which are valuable. Oh, and of course, explore the local gay scene…

…a few pictures from Dublin Pride 2014.


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