Ambhoda Integrated Watershed Development with Climate Proofing Interventions under Watershed Development Fund (WDF)

Project Rationale

  • Scarcity of drinking and Irrigation Water.
  • Soil erosion.
  • Less vegetative cover.
  • Rain fed farming.
  • Low agriculture income.
  • Seasonal migration
  • Low health & Education Stand.
  • Poor standard of living.


  • Increase in ground water level.
  • Increase in surface water and stream flow.
  • Soil erosion reduction.
  • Runoff reduction.
  • Land use pattern, cropping pattern and agricultural productivity.
    • Change in land use pattern.
    • Cropping pattern and agricultural productivity.
  • Reduction in workload.
  • Debt reduction position.
  • Involvement of Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
  • People‚Äôs Participation.
  • Social audit
  • Management of common property resources (CPR).
  • Reduced migration.
  • Women empowerment.
  • Impact on landless community and livelihood improvement.
  • Employment Generation.
  • Improvement in Standard of living.

Our Intervention:

1. Additional / modified SWC measures for erosion and degradation control measures and land reclamation

2. Soil improvement and productivity enhancement measures

3. Promotion of sustainable NRM, CCA farming practices for enhancement of crop resilience, livelihood and food security

4. Measures to mitigate Climate Change risks

5. Additional cost of capacity building & Institutions strengthening measures

6. Watershed level knowledge management

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